Using technology to sell your home

Using technology to sell your home

 Using Tech To Sell

Technology is everywhere. When you stop and think about how often you use it through your average day, you’d be hard pressed to find an activity that doesn’t involve it in some way. Getting to work, paying for your coffee, reading the news, using the phone or computer - it’s all around.


It makes sense then, that when you decide to sell your home, to use technology to your advantage.


There are innovative ways to incorporate technology into the marketing of your property, and used strategically, it can result in casting a much wider net of potential buyers.


The most obvious avenue is online. Either through a web listing portal such as or or via social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram, digital marketing needs to be the first priority to attract the attention of buyers.


“Digital marketing allows sellers to place their property in the pockets of potential buyers around the world,” said Natasha McElwaine, director of McElwaine Estate Agents.


“Both buyers and sellers alike will do online research when looking into selling a home, primarily looking directly at online marketplaces and then directly on estate agents’ websites.”

But once a potential buyer has clicked on your house listing, how can you deepen that connection to appeal to the right one?

Using technology in innovative ways is the cornerstone of a successful marketing campaign.

“There are a range of strategies in an agent’s toolkit to help market your property to attract the right buyer,” Natasha said.


“We aim to stay ahead of the latest marketing technologies to develop fresh ideas."

 Photo and Video

These include professional digital photography, videography, virtual tours of the property, drone footage showing the big-picture view of the home and location, and savvy social media posts combining all of these elements.


Photography provides buyers with all the visual details of the home. They can see the look and feel, the size, the rooms and the block, to see if it suits their needs. This visual engagement can be the moment where a potential buyer feels a connection and wants to know more.


An extra step is videography or virtual tours. It brings the property to life and really immerses the buyer in your home. Drone footage provides a revealing bird’s-eye aspect of the scope of the land and the proximity of your home to other features of the neighbourhood.

 Drone Footage

A huge amount of people are signed up to one or more social media accounts. Facebook and Instagram are by-and-large the most popular, especially among the home buyer demographic. Creative posts and listing boosts can reach buyers outside of your normal network. But don’t just wing it, you need to engage an agent who knows what they’re doing.


“McElwaine Estate Agents’ objective is to combine sales, technology and creative talent to capture the heart and soul of our properties and communicate this in a memorable story to appeal to the market,” Natasha said.


Using technology can be inspiring and opens the door to a wider buying audience. And at the end of the day, that can only benefit you, the seller.


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